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Friday, November 1, 2013

          Happy Diwali...

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Vinayagar Chathurthi!

விநாயகர் சதுர்த்தி திருநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

We wish to convey our sincere wishes to our Readers and their family and friends on the festival occasion of 


Friday, June 28, 2013

Eye defects sinus relief , Nethirappoondu Herbal Eye Drops!


                                        Nethira poondu [Blepharis maderaspatenis]

Eye defects
sinus relief 
Nethirappoondu Herbal Eye Drops!

    Often we have seen many children suffering various eye defects, wearing big spectacles as an additional luggage along with their very weighted usual school bags.

    Due to present days changing food habits and modernized social activities caused young to elder to suffer on healthy matters particularly eye defects like colour blindness and watery eyes etc.

    While driving, mostly middle aged people suffer much of seeing heavy illumine lights from opposite direction vehicles and eye defects they also may lose control sometimes , they are required all time to wear the spectacles for reading papers,seeing objects and even some don't remove spectacles during their bathing time too! , they practised that they can't do anything without spectacles.

     Eye disease varies to young and elder , like vision cloudy,colour blindness ulcer of cornea reddish eyes,eye burn and watery eyes etc.

Our Ancient siththars given a boom for such eye illness too by siththa herbal remedy!

    To cure completely from all kind of eye defects, The gifted siththa great herbal eye drops called Nethira poondu Thailam.

    The rare herbal Neththira Poondu [Blepharis maderaspatensis] collected from forests by observing "Saba Nivarthy" [ Curse Redress ]* , cleaned well and mix with very pure traditionally made sesame oil and tide well with a fresh cotton cloth in a mud pot and placed in sunlight for 15 days, which is called suriya pudam. Meantime, the mix can be filtered well with pure cotton cloth and again put the preparation in sunlight 

   The final extract oil is called Neththira Poondu Herbal Eye Drops. Two Drops of the Neththira Poondu Eye Drops may be applied eyes daily, with in 15 to 20 days, all kinds of eye diseases cleared well.

This herbal Eye Drops is also functions as an eye coolant.

The Herbal Neththirappoondu Eye Drops used to relief from sinus related illness like watery eyes, eye ache etc.


சாப நிவர்த்தி [Curse Redress]* - Siththars holy traditional way to keep the energy in the removed plant for its complete medicinal uses.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hair Loss Remedies - within 10 days - Sathuragiri Herbals Hair Oil

Hair Loss Remedies  - within 10 days!  Sathuragiri Herbals Hair Oil



Hair Loss, very common problem to all which makes them stress on hair and dandruff issues.
Day to day changing food habit ,stress in office,collge,school environments and on bad habits caused the hair loss to all the men and women.

Heavy hair loss is the major cause in baldness. To prevent from such badness on hair issues, we have to find natural , herbal and side effects free remedy. If it is made from natural ancient siththars formulated medication oils it will be more better and further we keep forget about our hairs. The herbal hair oil will look after your healthy hair.

Such a kind in its herbal nature hair loss remedy is our Sathuragiri Herbals Hair Oil.

The Herbal Hair Oil Contains natural herbals of Yellow and karisalankanni,Sembaruththi,Naay Karirththan pattai.Kumizham pattai,Kumizham palam,Aloe Vera, sengadukkaai poo,vetti ver and some other rare herbals which can be collected from deep holy hills of Sathuragiri.

Men and Women to apply this Herbal Hair Oil widely in the hair daily and after some time getting bath without applying any shampoo or soap on head, will give excellent result on hair loss and white hair control.


Based on some oily skin persons, on formation of fungus,dandruff will spread all over the hair.
While hair brushing this dandruff will remove and give more itches to all particularly teenage girls, which results lack of concentration on studies.And also fear and tense to attending functions on regular itches on head cause of dandruffs.Dandruff also affects men too.

To cure from such illness and throughout the dandruff which is giving bad itches and spoiling our hair also affects our social life, Our Herbal remedy Sathuragiri herbals Herbal Hair Oil functions excellent way and remove the dandruff permanently from our scalp and controls well the hair loss and makes the hair very healthy!

The Herbal Hair Oil , can be applied well daily in the morning on the scalp and after some hours, take bath without applying any shampoo or soap on the head.

On suggested way of apply in the scalp, the herbal hair oil will results removal of dandruffs and stopping of hair loss within 10 days! yes, it is proved in miraculous way!

Giving such speedy recovery from hair loss and dandruff also giving us an added advantage of healthy shiny hair and an armour of hair is our prestigious Sathuragiri Herbals Herbal Hair Oil.
it can be a part of essential herbal medicinal remedies at every home!.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To Grow Hair in Bald heads with in 10 to 15 days!

To Grow Hair in Bald heads with in 10 to 15 days!



Baldness creates the main disadvantage on men's personal appearance. Even they rich or poor, young or middle, the baldness makes them discomfort and they are thinking all the time about that. Some having clean habits and good friendly nature too, but they are avoided by friends circle and at office friends too.

The Baldness makes their younger age unhappy and which makes them isolated from friends and by days they become lonely and at the states of inferiority complex. Some may find difficulties on marriage as no one is willing to marry a bald man or women too.

We have proud to announce that we are having herbal remedies for baldness! read completely.

Reasons for baldness on men!

improper maintenance of head and which uncleanliness creates dust and dandruff, heavy mental depression on family affairs and office hard work nature.also it happened while took heavy dose medicines at the time of Malaria fever, typhoid and jaundice, will cause hair loss and baldness.

Took severe powerful medicines for the diseases like Arthritis ,Heavy Blood Pressure and for antibiotic post major surgery, and also smoking will make hair loss which leads to baldness so quickly.

Also some other reasons are, Always bath in hot water using and changing chemical hair dyes often, and some by birth have not enough hormones and proteins for hair grow.

Reasons for baldness on women!

Comparing to gents, ladies suffer very much about baldness, they keep himself  at home always as house arrest and they never willing to socialise cause of their inferiority complex on baldness.

Ladies at the age of 12 to 15 on their feminine stage , they naturally lost hair on hormone changes.
Some suffer leukorrhea during the menses periods,While at their pregnancy times and also women at the age of 45 or on their mono phase times, the hair normally removes .

Some ladies may suffer heavy or less formation of hormones on thyroid problems and uterus illness, which is a reason to hair fall.

Often took Abortion pills, Eating Fast Foods daily and some may suffer less blood hemoglobin which are also the reasons behind the hair loss.

There is one another interesting and worst reason on hair loss and baldness, some times our body anti body cells fights with disease creating bacterias , while ruining the bad bacterias, the good anti body cells some times thinks that the hairs also the part of disease bacterias so, it ruined the hair too, so very suddenly they appear on baldness. This is the reason , even some very young boys too suffering baldness!

Be aware and keep away of Mineral oil and packed foods.

Do you know ,that pocket coconut oil stands at every shop contains mineral oil with coconut essence and not coconut oil! mineral oil is final material from purifying raw crude oil.Try to find and use country made coconut oil, which is still alive in some villages , even after globalisation trade attacks , it survives and keep alive indian edible oil standards.

Well, we read well about the various reasons behind hair loss and baldness. now we will know about the herbal remedies for baldness, and its complete solution.

We at Sathuragiri Herbals proudly announces the unique herbal anti baldness powder !
the herbal anti baldness powder will send out your loneliness and mental hardness on baldness! 
This pure herbal anti baldness powder, will quickly heal the baldness and supports early growing of hairs!

There is lot of powerful south indian herbals medicines which can be had from the holy hills of sathuragiri included with Azhugani,Thozhukani,Sengarraalai,Naai karchchan pattai,kadukkai poo, saathikkaai poo,semparuththi poo,magilam poo,karisalankanni,kumizham palam.

Apply this herbal anti balding powder mixed with water in paste form, in the entire part of bald head.
It can be applied in the early morning will be better, which the herbal paste apply shall be lasts for 2 to 3 hours after that , took a bath without applying shampoo or soap on the head.
While the process continues for 10 to 15 days, you will realise that your bald head seems growing with hairs!
The Herbal Anti Balding Powder will work successfully  for the persons even at the age of 65.

Everyone wonders, on the miraculous hair growing on bald heads on applying herbal anti balding powder in shorter period!

The Herbal Anti Baldness Powder will also works against all kinds of hair diseases like cut worm and all others.

Some and those who are working all the time in Computers are suffering body heat and the heat may stores over in the head, which causes various physical illness. This Herbal Anti Balding Powder will clear all such head heats and restore the coolness over entire body. Also cleans dandruff and hair loss and rescue them from baldness.

You can find the beneficiaries of Herbal Anti Balding Powder and can interact with them by sending a request in the Order Form or Call from your phone.

Sathuragiri Herbals Wishes all 

to cure from baldness and

regain their joyful times for ever!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sathuragiri Yathra!

                     Sathuragiri Herbals, welcomes devotees on their first pilgrimage to  worship Sathuragiri Esan!

First Time Pilgrimmers to ensure the precautions for the safe and peaceful yathra!

1, While climbing the Sathuragiri Hills, Keep small bag contained with required dresses, first aid medicines,biscuits or snacks and water.

2. Climb the holy sathuragiri hills in calm nature and chaunting with siva mantras.

3. During rainy seasons , climb the holy sathuragiri hills with more concentration and maximum care!

First time pilgrimage devotees can clear all their doubts from us about, Holy Hill Climbing,Guide,Accomodation,Food,Vehicle Parking,Pilgrim Program and Stay in Hills.

Sri Sathuragiri Herbals willing to serve you  , 
to succeed your holy yathra in safe and peaceful!


Mob : 99432 05566 & 

Phone: 04563 282222

NO:2/147 Mangammal Koil Street,
Sri Villi Puthur - 626 133.

Branch : Thanipparai [ The Hill climb entrance ]

email :

Web site :

Online Order Form

Sathuragiri Herbal Remedies , can be ordered online based on requirement.

In Message Box of the Order Form, Name,Phone Number,Email ID,Complete Postal Address may be mentioned as the format given below.

To ensure prompt delivery , please mention clear postal address.

Sample Order Form :-

RAMASAMY,  Mobile : 94470 xxxxx      
33,1 St Street, Main Road,Chennai - 600 001.
email : ramasa***        

Joint Pain Oil                       - 4                     
Hair balding Powder            - 6                     

Joint Pain Oil


By the way of keeping ancient heritage siththa formula, some rare herbals formulated and prepared by experienced persons to make the Joint Pain Oil effectively.

There are very rare herbals included in the medicinal format in the Joint Pain Oil such as delonix elata,ficus.

The benefits of the Oil is to cure back Pain, Neck Pain , Joint Pain and all kind of pains in body. The Liquid can be used twice a day particularly in the morning and at night by applying the Oil in the affected parts,

and by gently massaging area for some time. On continuous use of this Oil will benefits the removal of pains shortly.

The Oil is essential and will give relief from all kinds of pains. This Oil will enable to function the non functional parts of the body caused by paralysis!

Siththa Remedies

Siththa Remedies! - Siththa medicines!!

                    Siththa Remedies had a great part in ancient tamilars dialy life , it later faded and indian health matters fully dominated by allopathic medicines which is popularised by British rulers.

To attempt to regain the tamilar siththa heritage remedies , it is our motto to wide spread our tamil siththars herbal remedies to the world for the wake of all humans!
To spread the sideeffectless natural herbal remedies to the entire world!

It is very much possible to cure human illness, by knowing the routes and reasons for the illness and to give the rare herbals remedies to cure completely from diseases by our great siththars!

Keep faith in Herbals ! Save effective Siththa Herbal Remedies!!

Sri Sathuragiri Herbals

Sri Sathuragiri Herbals


 To Cure from illness!
and for Healthy Life!!


p .Kannan  

2/147 Mangammal Koil Street,

Khansapuram, Watrap, 

Sri villi puthur - 626133

Mobile: 9943205566

Email : 

Web Site: /

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